We invite you to experience a moment of relaxation and harmony in our SPA. Come and discover our Jacuzzi, hammam and sauna… Take the time for your well-being and relax your mind.

SPA & Massages – Rates 

Jacuzzi, Hammam, Sauna
1-8 persons, 1 hour 40 €
1-8 people, 2 hours 65 €

Jacuzzi only
1-4 persons, 30 minutes 20 €.
1-4 persons, 1 hour 30 €.

The healing properties of hot water have been recognized for centuries. Civilizations around the world have used them for relaxation and medicinal purposes. The major health benefits of a hot tub include reducing stress, relaxing muscles and joints, improving sleep and stimulating elimination, including acid waste from the body.

The hammam with steam or humid heat has always been used by traditional healing systems to improve and maintain health and beauty. The steam bath is known for its effectiveness in a wide variety of disorders, such as chronic pain and respiratory disorders. These baths help to: detoxify tissues, relieve stress, reduce cellulite, control weight, reduce joint and muscle pain, improve circulation and stimulate the immune system.

The sauna, using dry heat, has many health benefits, and has been used in various forms for centuries. The increase in temperature causes an increase in heart rate and stimulates circulation. Blood vessels and the body become more flexible, and metabolism also increases. Taking a sauna can help ward off cold symptoms, relieve sore muscles, cleanse and wake the body.

By appointment only
Opening hours: 10am to 12pm and 3pm to 7pm
Tel: +33 (0)4 94 94 67 64 68
Open to people 16 years of age or older.