Detox Holidays

Fasting – Juice – raw food

Why fast ?

To help your body, heart and mind regain clarity and serenity. These few days spent with you and the group will allow you to cleanse, revitalize and stimulate your skills on all levels of the Being. A beautiful adventure to offer and share.

How to fast ?

About a week before your stay, we will contact you and organize together the preparation of your stay. On site, we choose the best option, fasting liquid with water, infusion and broth, or juice cure. Throughout the week, we are at your side to answer your questions. The days pass too quickly, between body awakening, living crusine workshops, walks, spa breaks, massages and relaxation time...

Where to fast ?

Choosing a stay at the Jardin de Vies gives you the assurance of being accompanied by a team of care professionals, entirely at your disposal, for your well-being.


Finally, treat yourself to REAL HOLIDAYS – HEALTHY HOLIDAYS !

Dates 2019

Autumn sessions
September 14 to 20
September 21 to 27

Dates 2020

Spring sessions
29 february to 6 March
25 April to 1 May

Autumn sessions
12 to 18 september
19 to 25 september


Detox program
Detox – fasting – juice…690 €


Double room…210 € 210
Single room…390 €

In order to preserve the quality of our exchanges, these internships will be conducted in small groups of up to 12 people, based on experiential learning, according to Chinese wisdom, “what I hear I forget, what I see, what I remember, what I do, I know”.

Our wish is to allow you a clear understanding of the life-change to be achieved, an immediate practice throughout the internship, to initiate new habits as soon as you return home.

Take care of yourself and treat yourself to a Really Healthy Holiday

by downloading the registration form below.

We look forward to seeing you very soon, at the Jardin de Vies.



Irène GROSJEAN, the oldest naturopath, comes to fast every year at the Jardin de Vies. What she says: “It’s my best holiday of the year”.


“I feel so much the good that it gives me, this year I decided to go to two weeks, one in the spring and one in the fall. And I love this Jardin de Vies and its warm hosts so much! »

Jacqueline, Paris

“I can’t imagine spending a year without my week of spring fasting at the Jardin de Vies. It gets me back on track for the year. My body and mind are demanding it as early as January. »

Pascale, Bourgogne, 12 ans de jeûne !

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