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Réjuvelac Mocktail

A SIMPLE recipe that works!

Rejuvelac is a probiotic that provide good bacteria and enzymes to the body. It will help with digestion and healthy bowel movements.


1 cup white quinoa
I gallon glass jar
1 mesh bag for covering glass jar
Purified water
Stirring spoon
Glass bottles for storage
Rinse the quinoa and place into the gallon jar.
Fill jar with purified water and cover with mesh bag.
Leave set for 3-4 days, stirring each day at least once.
Use your mesh bag and funnel to fill bottles for storage in the refrigerator.


Our “Jardin de Vies specialty mocktail” is:
½ glass Rejuvelac
½ glass sparkling water
Lemon or lime juice
Put Rejuvelac and sparkling water into glass, squeeze the lemon/lime into it and add a slice of lemon/lime on the rim of the glass and… enjoy!


Enjoy as often as you like,

18 Oz a day is a very good Habit!


A recipe from the Optimal Health Institute



700 ml buckwheat seeds
– Place in a bowl, cover with water and leave to soak for 15 mins.
– Drain and leave to germinate for 2/3 days (depending on room temperature)

350g grated coconut
350g of another nut (Grenoble, Cashew, Brazil…) soaked for 12 hours
1 tsp ground cinnamon
A dehydrator (an oven can also be used).


When the buckwheat seeds have sprouted, mix them with the coconut and the other nut of your choice + the cinnamon and blend coarsely.

Then place the mixture on the trays of your dehydrator with Teflex sheeting and add a mesh over each tray to prevent the seeds and nuts from ‘flying’ during dehydration.

Leave to dehydrate at 42°C (105°F) for around 18 minutes and until the seeds are crunchy.

If you don’t have a dehydrator, you can use a conventional oven set to 42°C (105°F). Use baking paper in a baking tray and place the mixture on the baking paper.

For a tasty breakfast, mix these cereals with a living vegetable milk, e.g. almond milk made with a special device, or more simply by mixing 1 tbsp of almond purée in hot water.