Massage Cupping
Inspired by traditional medicines, Massage cupping™ offers a modern form of care with “new generation” suction cups.
The Domaine de la Haute Maure
Formerly a silkworm farm, the Mas complex is located in the heart of Provence, a few kilometres from the villages of Salernes and Lorgues. The place is located in a charming corner of the countryside with scents of thyme and lavender. Its six-hectare park, with a very beautiful swimming pool, planted with Mediterranean essences (olive trees, oaks, mulberry trees, plane trees, hackberry trees), embodies the sweetness of living in Provence.
Sante Naturopathie
Irène Grosjean, naturopath since 1958
Nelly Grosjean
Specialist in aromatherapy for more than thirty years, Nelly Grosjean promotes the benefits of organic aromatic essential oils (HE)
The 100% organic aromatic range of excellence from nelly grosjean: certified organic