Massage Cupping™ Intensive Course (FIVA)

The use of moving suction cups according to the Active Cupping (FIVA)/ Massage Cupping™ technique achieves a synergy between massage and suction cups and optimises any type of massage by promoting, in particular, the deep drainage of connective tissue, fascia, lymph and other body fluids.
Active Cupping (FIVA)/ Massage Cupping™ is particularly interesting for cellulite problems, chronic pain and scars.
The use of suction cups on the face can even achieve a natural and lasting “facelift”.

Take advantage of this opportunity, unique in France, to add a new, effective and versatile string to your personal therapeutic harp!


For me, the experience of fasting began with a question:
– Would I be able to stand not eating for several days?
– How will my body react to food deprivation?
And this experience, which started as a challenge, turned out to be very pleasant:
– You never feel hungry because you drink lots of herbal tea, broth or vegetable juice,
– you are fit enough to go for long walks, at your own pace, in beautiful countryside,
– we finish the day by relaxing in the SPA (whirlpool bath, hammam etc…)
In short, we leave with a body free of toxins and full of good intentions not to “reintoxicate” it.
I must add that the place where this fast takes place as well as the hosts, who organize it, make it particularly pleasant.

Some news from my cupping practice since level 2 in May 2018. More and more “clients”, delighted with the benefits. For example:

– a client with cupping massage of the lower limbs for permanently swollen legs and big knees: after the 3rd session, she got up 4 times in the night to go to the toilet (which is not her habit, not even after the first 2 sessions, drinking just as much) and had lost 1 kg when she got up (she has weighed herself every morning for years). We continued up to 6 sessions. Her leg pain has largely subsided, she can see her thigh muscles which she could no longer see.

– A client with a cupping massage of the lower limbs for legs with circulatory problems (venous return + spots on the legs): much more comfort in terms of return circulation and the spots are much reduced.

– And currently a client who has tried everything to free deeply attached tissues on the whole right side for years and who finally finds relief with the suction cups.

Hélène, Paris

The work on my scar was progressing slowly, but when I started using the magnets, the results quickly improved… Magnet + suction cups reduced the healing time dramatically.
D. Brunson

Mentally, I am more alert, focused and positive. Physically I was so excited that I wanted to start gardening, cooking, knitting, and all those other activities I had stopped for a long time.
Carolyn Termini

What a great idea to have adapted an old practice to enter the field of massage? I loved the workshop.
Jackie Wayda, LMT