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Formation Intensive aux Ventouses Actives (FIVA)
Massage Cupping Intensive Course

The use of moving suction cups according to the Active Cupping (FIVA)/ Massage Cupping™ technique achieves a synergy between massage and suction cups and optimises any type of massage by promoting, in particular, the deep drainage of connective tissue, fascia, lymph and other body fluids. Active Cupping (FIVA)/ Massage Cupping™ is particularly interesting for cellulite problems, chronic pain and scars. The use of suction cups on the face can even achieve a natural and lasting “facelift”. Take advantage of this opportunity, unique in France, to add a new, effective and versatile string to your personal therapeutic harp!

Duration: 8 half-days (28 hours)
Public: The course is open to all
Pre-requisites: no pre-requisites.
Objectives: At the end of this training, you will be able to:

  • Understand the usefulness of the different movements of Active Cupping and know how to practice them
  • Understand the applications and precautions for using Active Cupping
  • Apply an Active Cupping treatment with the movements and duration adapted to the needs expressed and identified.

Format and access / fees :

  • Normal individual rate (rate applicable without reimbursement): 590 € per participant
  • Continuing education rate (rate applicable within the framework of continuing education for employees, a training plan): contact us.

Access time: At least 48 hours after signing the training agreement.

Number of participants : To preserve the quality of small groups, 6 to 12 participants.


  • 22nd to 25th June
  • 26th to 29th October
  • 30 November to 3 December

Jardin de Vies, 234 Chemin de Salgues, 83780 Flayosc

Some news from my cupping practice since level 2 in May 2018. More and more “clients”, delighted with the benefits. For example: – a client with cupping massage of the lower limbs for permanently swollen legs and big knees: after the 3rd session, she got up 4 times in the night to go to the toilet (which is not her habit, not even after the first 2 sessions, drinking just as much) and had lost 1 kg when she got up (she has weighed herself every morning for years). We continued up to 6 sessions. Her leg pain has largely subsided, she can see her thigh muscles which she could no longer see. – A client with a cupping massage of the lower limbs for legs with circulatory problems (venous return + spots on the legs): much more comfort in terms of return circulation and the spots are much reduced. – And currently a client who has tried everything to free tissues that have been deeply attached on the right side for years and who finally finds relief with the suction cups.

– Hélène, Paris

Training content

Presentation of the course and participants
Use of suction cups through the ages and civilizations
The main benefits of massage cupping treatments
The lymphatic system: video, questions and answers
Presentation of manual suction cups
Basic techniques with the manual set on the body videos, demonstrations et practice
Using manual cupping for the back and stomach
Maintaning the materials
Safety and precautions to apply
Questions and answers from day 1

Marketing and integration into your practice
Manual cupping practices for the care of the lower limbs
Face lifts and drainage: videos, demonstrations and practice
Questions and answers from day 2

The MC 600 machine used for active cupping treatments
Tips and tricks
The basic movements: demonstrations and practice with the MC 600
Advanced movements: demonstrations and practice with the MC 600
Demonstrations of body care with the MC 600: Back, shoulders, neck, stomach
Specific care for scars
Lymphatic drainage pathways (revision)
The areas reserved for suction release (revision)
What the body tells us
Questions and answers day 3

Demonstrations of body care with the MC 600 :
Lower and upper limbs
Cellulite and circulatory problems
Face lifts and drainage with the MC-600 machine: demonstrations and pratice
Questions and answers from day 4
Final evaluation
Delivery of completion of training certificates
Satisfaction questionnaire
Session closure


  • Training manual sent in PDF approximately 1 week before the start of the training
  • Video presentation projected in PowerPoint and video formats
  • Interactive use of a board or flip chart
  • Demonstrations of the use of the Massage Cups before the trainees’ practices.


  • Assessment of learning throughout the course by oral questions and role-playing
  • Evaluation of trainee satisfaction: on-the-spot assessment by round table discussion and written satisfaction questionnaire.
  • Free post-training support for 12 months (email, phone, etc)

Non diploma course. Delivery of a certificate of completion at the end of the session.

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