Welcome to the Jardin de Vies

Who are we?

Sylvie GROSJEAN RASMUSSONIntegrative Health Educator, I propose a humanistic, holistic, personalized and participatory approach to the return to health. I am a musician, practicing and teaching Cupping (using suction cups) with Doug E., my wonderful husband.

Doug E. RASMUSSON. Founder of “Emergency Massage Response International”, I was District Director of the “National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy” for more than 10 years. In 2004, I received the “International Humanitarian Award”. I am an ambassador for “Massage without borders”. In May 2019, I was inducted into the World Massage Hall of Fame as a sign of recognition for my contribution in the field of massage. I am also a musician, living in Provence, teaching and distributing Cupping in France and abroad.

“Sylvie Grosjean-Rasmusson is an educator, trainer and naturopath, Doug E. Rasmusson is a massage therapist and aromatherapist. Together, they decided to create the “Jardin de vies“, a space to take care of the body, heart and mind. Doug is American, he discovered living food – very far from the basic American diet – in contact with Sylvie. He now eats 80% raw, he has seen his health improve significantly. This inspiring couple introduces us to their world, their keys to health and happiness, between healthy eatingmassage cupping and integrative medicine… not to mention music, one of Doug’s great passions!”

All raw! A documentary at the heart of food (in French)

There are vegetarians, vegans, vegans. There are also the crudivores. A word that refers to the fact of eating only raw vegetables. Several people who one day decided to change their diet, tell us about their experiences and recipes…


Irène GROSJEAN, the doyenne of naturopaths, comes to fast every year at the Jardin de Vies. What she says about it: “these are my most beautiful holidays of the year”.


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sylvie for the quantity of documents and the generosity of your sharing!
The Douguy bag was a delight and I was able to give it to my husband when I got home.

I hope that everyone was able to find their home sweet home.

The return to “the world” is a bit rough for me after this cocooning break at the Jardins de Vie…and at the same time as normal, and I am full of this beautiful stored energy.

All good as your dear Mum, Sylvie, would say, and full of affectionate kisses to share with you beautiful and beautiful crudivores ? »

Maguelonne, Paris

“It’s such a joy to discover, experiment and enjoy raw and living food a little more every day! 🙂
It could only make you want to do so after our week of fasting, which went very well and was masterfully orchestrated! Thanks again. »

Elvire, Nice

“I am well and I am delighted to have been able to experience “the young” this healthy well-being through your support Sylvie, which suits me perfectly, through gentleness, listening, kindness, efficiency, dynamism, structure, a flexible environment, respect, and finally a lively and joyful life. A marvellous gift, to offer oneself and to renew without restraint !!!

A beautiful week which nourished my heart and soul, with all the beautiful people present; Thank you for all the documents transmitted; I also started to organise everything so that I could continue to support my health and well-being on a daily basis. Once again THANK YOU Sylvie, to you Doug, for your welcome and sharing in the simplicity of your heart, in the pure light that gushes out !!!

Have a beautiful day,
I give you a warm hug.”

Brigitte, Loiret

“A big thank you for this beautiful week.

Thank you Sylvie for all that you have passed on to us, and continue to pass on to us.

Thank you for your “omnipresent” and discreet presence, always benevolent.

Thank you for your accompaniment, your guidance…

Thank you and Doug for your light, your joie de vivre, your kindness and happiness, so communicative… It’s a lot of good, warm to the heart…

Thank you for this superb concert which brought us a beautiful communion and such a beautiful and sweet energy. It was great!

A very beautiful week that remains like a shining star in my daily life.
She continues to accompany me on my way.
Getting back on track, without pressure, regaining confidence step by step.
Ready to take the time needed to get back into shape, true HEALTH!
Qi gong started! Yoga too, soon the swimming pool!…

Pleasantly surprised by the absence of hunger during the week, carried by your presence and the benevolence of the group.
All this in an idyllic setting, outings to places full of beauty, lightness, cheerfulness, strength and …. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

You know, it’s a real chance that you offer, that you offer to the participants.

All these beautiful memories in each of my cells, with the objective of a second star followed by a third star, the workshop with Irene and You, and the two of Doug.

That’s the end of my novel!
Very nice evening and again a sincere and friendly THANK YOU both.
See you very soon.

Pascale, Hautes-Pyrénées

“I feel so good about it, this year I decided to go to two weeks, one in the spring and one in the fall. And then, I love this Jardin de Vies and its warm hosts so much! »

Jacqueline, Paris

“I can no longer imagine spending a year without my week of spring fasting at the Jardin de Vies. It puts me back on track for the year. My body and my mind need it as early as January. »

Pascale, Bourgogne, 15 ans de jeûne !